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School community Jacobus Fruytier

At the Jacobus Fruytier, there was a struggle with extreme heat in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Jacobus Fruytier is a broad school community on a reformational basis with a regional function. Students go there whose parents find it important that they are brought up according to the teachings of the parents. The three branches in Apeldoorn, Uddel and Rijssen were built in a period of ten years after 1992. Although the buildings are all well maintained, this is not done on the basis of a multi-year maintenance plan. This was drawn up in 2014, while at the same time asking how this could be shaped from the vision of sustainable management, being a steward and saving energy. An important precondition for taking measures is that part of the regular maintenance cycle and the designed adjustments.

The building of the Jacobus Fruytier School Community in Apeldoorn has a large surface, consisting of black bitumen. In the winter the heat loss is major and in the summer the roof ensures a strong heating within the building. Especially on the top floor, it causes extreme heat. To tackle this, parts of the roof have been fitted with Roofclix.

The Roofclix lowers the temperature under the roof. The temperature drop is very good in the ducts directly under the roof, through which, among other things, the pipes of the ventilation systems. Unfortunately, these means can also act as a barrier, afterthe temperature drop in the rooms is limited to 2 to 3 degrees. However, this significantly improves the temperature within the building.

The Roofclix saves on electricity and cools down the building. Roofclix has been combined with a number of solar panels in one place.

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