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We at Roofclix want to contribute to a better, more pleasant life – for the people of today and the generations after us. We offer a solution that suits these times, together with our customers we'd like to contribute to making the world more sustainable. 


The innovative Roofclix were developed by Sustainable Durable Systems BV Together with his colleagues, a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, roof specialists and sons. CEO Ton van Ulden is working on developing solutions for the climate issue. 



Time and innovation go hand in hand. We must constantly anticipate the future and take a fresh look at what is already there. The smallest solutions contribute to the bigger goals in the world.



We must take responsibility for the future of the earth and we'd like to take real action together with others. Together, we could succeed if we continue to share knowledge and embrace innovations.  


Looking forward

It is up to us to leave the world a little better than we got it ourselves, so that future generations can live a carefree life.  



We are convinced that together we are able to find solutions for the major climate issues. We are confident that with innovative solutions and the will to succeed, we can largely shape the future of the earth. We humans have overcome acid rain, learn to scoop plastic from the ocean and generate sustainable energy. In this way we can also save massive amounts of energy.  

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