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The product 

Roofclix uses two physical principles: reflection and convection.  
By reflecting sunlight up to 80%, solar radiation can hardly be converted into heat. The small amount of heat that is created is discharged in the air cavity between the roof and the Roofclix tiles by the air that is just not stationary (convection). In winter, Roofclix acts as an insulation layer to keep the heat in.  


Pleasant working and living environment 

The importance of a healthy indoor climate is increasing. Students learn better, employees are on average healthier, feel better and have higher productivity. With Roofclix, the working and living climate in a building is greatly improved. As summers get warmer and so do roofs, indoor temperatures become unpleasant or even untenable. Due to the reflective effect of Roofclix, the roof maintains a shade temperature, which ensures that the indoor climate remains cool, whereby little or no air conditioning is needed. 


The subfloor for solar panels 

The route to clean energy is with solar panels. To get even more out of the PV panels, Roofclix is the perfect subfloor for PV panels. Independent research shows that the efficiency of the PV panels increases by 8-10% if they are placed on a Roofclix subfloor. In addition, the unique material properties make the Roofclix fire-resistant. The Warrington Fire Label shows that fire hazards are prevented. 


The roof remains protected 

A flat roof with bitumen roofing is extremely vulnerable to UV radiation and heat stress.  

This means that the roof covering must be replaced on a regular basis. With Roofclix on the roof, the UV radiation can no longer reach the roof covering. The Roofclix are UV resistant and heat stress on the roof decreases because the temperatures under Roofclix are much less extreme. For example, when Roofclix is installed, the roofing will last up to 40 years! 


Savings solution 

With Roofclix on the roof, it is not just about sustainability. It is also visible in your wallet. Due to the many advantages, including the enormous savings on cooling, reduction of maintenance on the roof and the increase in the efficiency of solar panels, financial savings are manifest.  

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