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  • Does Roofclix fit on any flat roof?
    Sure! We can mount Roofclix on any flat roof. Even if there is a slope. If your roof contains gravel, we will remove it before installing the Roofclix. However, every project is custom made. We come to measure and inspect your roof before our own team of specialists install the Roofclix. If any repair work is noted during the inspection, we will inform you before the Roofclix is installed.
  • What is the difference with a green roof?
    In addition to an insulating effect, a green roof also functions as a water buffer. However, most roofs cannot bear the ballast of a green roof, so a green roof is not always an option. If a green roof is an option, you should take the maintenance of the green roof into account. This is not the case with Roofclix! Roofclix can also be transferred to the next building and is 100% recyclable.
  • Are Roofclix reusable?
    Sure! Roofclix can be taken to the next building. The lifespan of a Roofclix tile is 40+ years. The tiles are fully recyclable at the end of their life. The recycling process can be repeated up to 7 times.
  • Do I absolutely need Roofclix to install solar panels?
    No, it is not necessary to install Roofclix before purchasing solar panels. However, Roofclix ensures that the efficiency of your solar panels is increased by 8-10%. When you use bifials (solar panels with solar cells on both sides) the efficiency is increased by up to 30%. By installing Roofclix you not only lower the indoor temperature, but you also ensure that the fire risk of your solar panels is reduced. Extensive research has shown that Roofclix is a fire world due to its unique properties and that solar panels can be installed safely.
  • What is the payback period?
    The payback time depends on the specific properties of your roof and the building. In addition, the payback period also depends on the presence/absence of any cooling installations. We can calculate your payback time on request. In general, the payback period is about 3 years.
  • Can I just paint my roof white?
    White paint does not reflect as well as Roofclix and gets dirty much faster. Moreover, Roofclix are cleaned with every rain shower due to the specific shape of the tile, while dirt accumulates on a white painted roof. The unique composition of the Roofclix also ensures that there is an air cavity underneath through which residual heat is removed.
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